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What is ExecDefense?

ExecDefense is a Risk Management company intended to instruct individuals and groups in the various martial arts for defensive purpose only.


ExecDefense® Program Instruction & Management

Formed in 1997, ExecDefense® is a New Hampshire based company with its general office located at 9 River Street, Newmarket, New Hampshire.  ExecDefense’s intent is to instruct individuals and groups in the various martial arts for defensive purpose only.  

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Coach Murphy with World Title
Kickboxer Danny Melendez
Chief Instructor, Peter Murphy brings significant professional, practical and instructional experience to the conduct and implementation of the ExecDefense’s numerous Programs.

Peter Murphy

Peter is one of the driving forces behind both the growth and development of the sport of kickboxing in the United States, and the American Combat Self Defense® program of practical defensive survival skills.  

Additionally, Mr. Murphy's practical experience in martial arts as a special defensive tactics consultant during the Viet Nam Era; his experience as an accomplished martial artist -- Mr., Murphy hold Black Belts in multiple martial arts and is recognized as a Master Level Black Belt Instructor and has practiced the martial arts for more than fifty years, both in the USA and abroad; two decades of track and field coaching experience; an academic background which boast graduate degree work with the University of Maine and Advanced Studies program at Yale University School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry; and, more than 30 years teaching experience in both private and public schools make for a solid background from which to instruct such fitness and self-defense programs.

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Coach Murphy with Mr. Chuck Norris
He has received numerous kickboxing and self-defense Distinguished and Special Services Awards, and has received a Special Legislative Award from the State of New Hampshire.   A Triple Gold Medal winner in the international Can-Am games of 1975-76, Mr. Murphy has trained numerous kickboxers, including world champions, world-rated contenders and holders of national and regional titles. Mr. Murphy is a registered trainer and corner-man with the IOC's USA BOXING Association and as a level III Coach has trained, and coached numerous USA BOXING and Golden Glove amateur boxing champions at local, regional, and national competitions.

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Peter Murphy featured on local TV for slicing
watermelon off a man's chest and breaking rock with his hands
Peter L. Murphy- Defensive tactics consultant, experienced in training Special Operations, Master Black Belt martial arts instructor (that's 7th Degree Black Belt !) former competitor of kickboxing/full contact karate, and master educator- has developed countermeasures and verbalization concepts which, when coupled with his enthusiastic demonstrations of other "realistic" defensive tactics, provide the foundation for the tactical edge of survival training.   Mr. Murphy's exhaustive investigations of the human system and its vulnerability to pain, dysfunction and immobilization undergird the descriptions and use of pressure point restraint methods.

His theories on tactical positioning, principles of physical control and management of restraint subjects will prove invaluable to all involved in any of the ExecDefense program(s).   With an extensive background in the Social Sciences, Mr. Murphy has formulated key tactical and verbal considerations for safely controlling disturbances.
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Peter Murphy and Arnold Schwarzenegger

College educated in teaching and coaching, Peter Murphy works with a diverse range of people to help them reach their fitness goals.  Whether an individual is looking to lose weight or hoping to compete in the Olympic Games, Peter Murphy as coach and instructor offers the training and experience to help that person reach his or her dreams.  In addition to enabling countless people to live healthier and happier lives through improved physical fitness, Peter Murphy also achieves success in the realms of personal protection for the individual, family, or groups through Risk Management Seminars and instruction.

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ExecDefense offers Risk Management Seminars and numerous training programs in various areas of tactical self defense.

Coordinator and Presenter for ExecDefense, Karlene Linxweiler - her full bio and information can be viewed at: For daily reminders and events, follow her on twitter:
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ExecDefense, 2011

Friday, July 8, 2011

Why ExecDefense?

Violent crime is a grim, inescapable feature of modern life. Frequent reports of murder, robbery, sexual assault/rape, or aggravated assault against men, women and children remind us of danger lurking in our daily lives. Recent Department of Justice figures, while showing some significant declines, portray an overall upward trend in violent crime over the last ten years.

·         In 1995 aggravated assaults were 61% and robberies were 32% of all violent crimes.

·         77% of murder victims were males and 88% were persons over 18 years of age. By race, 49% of victims were black and 48% were white. 55% were slain by strangers.

·         Violence occurs everywhere. A 1995 Bureau of Justice report from 3 National Incident-Based Reporting System States shows the varied locations of personal robberies as follows; Roadway, Alley- 42%; Residence - 20%; Parking facility- 9%; Store - 9%; Office building -5%; Hotel - 2%; other and unknown - 10%.

Self defense training is a self-empowering measure to meet modern society's threat to personal safety. Indeed, statistics offer hope to those who are educated, willing and prepared to resist aggression. Consider the following rape figures:

·     Between 1973 and 1987, over 2.3 million women reported sexual assaults in the United States. 71% of these victims avoided being raped by taking self-protective measures. (US Dept. of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics, Jan. 1991.)

Resistance is natural in a violent attack. The "Fight or Flight Syndrome," first documented in 1914 in the American Journal of Psychology, is an instinct for self preservation all humans possess. Not surprisingly, studies increasingly support resistance as a viable survival option.

By contrast, some educators recommend compliance as the sole survival option, but, in fact, meekness can trigger aggression.

   Peter Murphy gives a presentation at Mount Washington
 Resort in New Hampshire
"We actually have had criminals who came back and said, `They (the victims) were too cordial. I wanted the fear, the anger, and they didn't give it to me. So I killed them.’”        

Lt. Garcia-Lindstrom, Commander Detroit P.D. Forbes, March 14, 1994.

Be it mental or physical, survival, which comes in many forms, always takes precedence over injury. However, if research shows that most people will naturally resist an assault, why do some still question the use of self-defense?

It is prudent to develop one's natural desire to resist aggression by learning self-defense techniques because instinctive efforts at resistance are sometimes ineffective. This stems primarily from ignorance of basic principles of self-defense. Physical measures, chemical tools or firearms are only reliable for the knowledgeable and trained. Otherwise, they may be ineffective and dangerous; few realize how much they don't know about weaponry.
Peter Murphy and Karlene Linxweiler give a
hands-on demonstration for high school students

Flight is also an option, but it, too, has pros and cons. To be effective, running from an assailant may require a high level of fitness. Flight by an unfit victim may mean exhaustion and vulnerability at the end of a sprint. Preparation through self defense education and training can be the best way to survive an assault.

ExecDefense, 2011
ExecDefense and You
make the decision to resist!

Defense against a violent attack is available for any victim, but not always without serious consequences. A decision to resist must be made by viewing all the circumstances.

How much defense is appropriate? The defense should be proportionate to the intensity of the aggression. If a `Date' is forcefully grabbed by the arm in a Sunday afternoon football party, a spear strike to her companion's throat or a knee to his groin, with the risks of serious injury or even death, would he inappropriate.

More appropriate responses might be a verbal admonition, a stump to the shin or a radial nerve strike. Circumstances govern. However, we must always recognize that a sudden, violent attack may preclude consideration of options, the thought process being arrested by survival instincts.

It is unnatural to submit to violence. The Executive Defense program is designed to complement a person's natural desire to resist, Self defense programs that only teach prevention, avoidance and compliance fail to consider all options. This program recognizes that compliance is an acceptable option when life is in jeopardy or defense cannot be realistically used without risk of serious personal injury. Attacks involving firearms, edged weapons or numerous assailants are extremely dangerous. Victims should be realistic about defending themselves from such attacks. Victims should also always look to escape. Survival comes in many forms; living and reporting the incident is paramount.

When the decision to resist is the reaction to a sudden violent attack, resistance should be quick and deliberate, a precise counter attack. Focus on the attacker's vulnerable points and concentrate on striking these locations, The victim must decide to fight fur themselves and for everyone who loves and cares for them.

The purpose is escape. Be aware, ready and willing to inflict serious harm, if necessary, to escape. This must be the mindset. The attacker chose to use force and is responsible for what ensues. The victim's counter attack is only a response to the felonious assault. For counter attack to be effective in many cases, the victim must strike vulnerable points. The intention is not to injure or kill, but to survive through escape.

ExecDefense  2011